Monday, April 19, 2010

A little less encumbered

Mom went for a follow-up with Dr. Tan this morning and he took out 5 of the 7 tubes that were coming from her body. I wasn't there, but apparently, it wasn't pretty. Deanne said my mom about passed out because it hurt so badly, but at least they are out. She still has 2 drains left, and hopefully they will come out at her next appt. with Dr. Tan on Thurs. It's kind of a pain to situate 7 awkward tubes every time she needs to get up or use the bathroom. We spent the afternoon with her yesterday (Sunday), and when I say "we" that includes my 3 "I don't care if you are in pain, I still want to lie next to you in your pretty silk bed" kids. They were a little crazy and ran in and out of the bedroom all afternoon, trying to coax Madden the cat out from underneath my mom's bed...the cat was smart and didn't budge. Neither did my mom much. Actually, she's doing better and better each day. She took a shower yesterday, with much wet help from Deanne and is feeding herself today.

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  1. Thank God for huge favors! Two more to go, yeah! When is her next appt? I go next Monday, so I could look for her???
    Give her hugs from us. Robin is here visiting from OR.
    Robin and Denise