Friday, April 16, 2010

A few hours make a difference...

In the few hours between when I left the hospital this morning around 10, and when my dad and some other friends got there after lunch, the fog lifted. I found out that sometime in the middle of the night she had been given Benadryl because she has been so insanely itchy all over. She was still itchy this afternoon and she is wondering if it's an allergy. Well, she said that the Benadryl immediately made her very, very loopy. Guess that's what I saw this morning. I joked that her eyes looked like those of a 2 day old baby--each one focused on a different point in the room. By this afternoon, she was able to lift both arms, and was actually able to use the bathroom twice, and walk up and down the hall once, grumbling all the way. She's on a regular diet now and is trying to eat a little. The pain is intense, but the Percocet works well. She's disconnected from the IV and is receiving all meds orally now. Above all, she is very tired. She hadn't slept when I left the hospital at 1 AM, and I don't think she's slept all day, so hopefully tonight will be better. She will most likely be going home tomorrow. Her friends have her set up with all sorts of medical equipment to make showering and bathroom activities much easier. Deanne will be at the house with her when she comes home.

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