Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, it is time to update. Because some of the lymph nodes that were removed during my surgery were positive for cancer, I was scheduled for a CT scan and a bone scan. I had those tests last Tuesday. On Friday Dr. Kruper called to tell me that the CT scan was "unremarkable", but the bone scan was "troublesome". She was somewhat confused because of the contradiction in the two tests. The bone scan was suspicious for bone metastases throughout the rib cage and there was a small focus on the left iliac wing (my hip). So, on Monday I met with Dr. Somlo. He is my oncologist. He also expressed concern over the reports. So, I have to have a bone biopsy, probably on my ribs. I am so thrilled. I am waiting to hear when this has been scheduled. It will probably be within a week. Dr. Somlo also needed to get additional tests on the original tissues to determine if this cancer is "estrogen receptive". Once he has that information, along with the bone biopsy, they will tell me when chemotherapy will start, what kind it will be and how long it will last. So, we are at a hurry up and wait game again.
I am feeling better. I have gone back to work, albeit very slowly. Yesterday I made (1) pillow and today I made (3). Such progress!! But I am trying to get back into the swing of things. The gal that works for me has been marvelous, but we are REALLY behind. All of my joking through the years about draperies and pillows not being life and death is still true, but the clients don't see it that way. But, I guess that is what keeps me in business.
I went in today for the first "fill" of my tissue expanders. That is an interesting experience. For all the women out there it feels like I am totally engorged and it's not getting better. They keep assuring me that the discomfort will improve, but since this whole thing cannot be finished until I have completed all of the chemo and whatever radiation they are going to give me this is going to be a long process. For the time I have to live with these bumps under my arm. I came home and took a heavy dose of Advil and then took a nap. I did try my hand at driving today. I needed to get to the bank, and since it is only a few blocks down the road, I decided that would be my first outing. As long as I didn't move too fast or jerky I got along fine. Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been by my side and made many trips to City of Hope with me. This is when friendships really mean the most. Thank you to everyone.

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  1. Hey Janet. Oh my gosh, let us know when you know more. I'm serious, you're starting to freak me out. Not your fault, I'm just saying...