Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, I need to update everyone. This started out to be a confusing week because they had the start of chemo before the placement of the port, which was backwards. But after several phone calls we got that straightened out. I had the outpatient surgery for the placement of the port yesterday. You would think after all of the past 6 weeks, I would be a little more realistic about these 'little procedures'. But I am still not very smart. I went in yesterday morning @ 8:45 am. The surgery itself was only about an hour. But when I came to after the anesthesia my neck has never hurt so badly (and I know what neck pain is!). So after several doses of pain medication (and as Barbara says - drawing circles on the ceiling) we finally got it somewhat under control. But because they had given me so much drug, I had to stay for a little while longer. The port sits right below my collar bone off toward my left arm. There is a small catheter which exits the port and is threaded into an artery that goes to my heart. All of this is under the skin, so you can't see anything except a new glued shut incision, a lot of bruising, and a bump in my chest. But I guess in order to get there is runs down my neck. And I guess they twist ones head to the side to make all of this happen. No wonder my neck hurt. One of the nurses said they quite often have patients complain about the pain. (Really??) Anyway, after I got so that I could get dressed and into a wheel chair I came home. I went straight to bed and stayed there pretty much until I got up this morning. I made sure I was adequately drugged up for pain and sleep last night. I guess I was sleeping so soundly (and snoring) that Steve had to go sleep in the other room. How embarrassing!!. Anyway, the pain is better today. I imagine it will continue to get better each day. Steve took the day off work today. We went to run a couple of errands this morning and by the time we got back I just collapsed into bed again. It is now about 12:40 and I finally got up. Just in time to go for my first chemo treatment. I have to leave in about an hour to go back to City of Hope and get shot up with some disgusting cocktail of chemicals that is going to make me better. I sure hope so. Anyway, it is a holiday weekend so I get an extra day to get my act back together. So, I will re-post after this next new adventure. Thank you to everyone who continues to send cards and food. And to Barbara who spent the whole day at the hospital with me, got my prescriptions filled, and got me tucked into my own bed. THANK YOU.

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  1. Hey, Janet. Wow, sounds like you're moving right along. I'm going to call to make sure how you're doing - I hope the treatments go well and your side effects are minimal. I still can't believe you're going through all this. I love you.