Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello everyone:
This update is very late. I just re-read what I wrote last time so that I can be coherent in my ramblings. Yesterday was 5 weeks past the last chemo. I must say I am feeling a lot better. I'm not 100% yet, but I think I am on my way. Two weeks ago yesterday I had the repeat bone scan and CT scan. They both came back clear. There is still something funny in my ribs but they have assured me it is not cancer. So, I will have to get a medical friend to tell me what all of those very long words mean. The internet was not very helpful, just a lot more of very long words. Last week I met with the chemo doctor and he has now put me on Tamoxifen for the next several years (he doesn't define "several"). After that I will be on some other drug for several more years. He tells me I will probably have all of the post menopausal symptoms all over again (I'm thrilled). So far after a week I seem to be doing fine. I still do not have my full energy back. In fact yesterday I went to meet with the plastic surgeon and by the time it was over I could hardly walk back to the car. I think I pushed it a bit too far yesterday. Oh yes, I started walking around the Rose Bowl yesterday and I think was a bit much. We didn't do the whole think, but far enough. But this morning I am doing fine. Right now I am scheduled for more reconstruction surgery at the very end of October. After the first part of the year I will have another surgery. These are all out-patient, so not nearly what I have been through. (This reconstruction stuff sounds like we are building a roadway or something like that.) Anyway, I am doing fine. I am back to work. It is the end of the summer so it is always a slow time. Things will pick up after school starts and it suddenly dawns on people that the holidays are coming. It has been nice to ease back into things slowly. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. Your love and prayers have meant a lot.

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